The Glaze team is a group of computer science faculty and graduate students, working in collaboration with a number of creative human artists.

The main UChicago team is led by professors Ben Zhao and Heather Zheng, who co-direct the SAND Lab. Much of the technical work is done by the PhD students, Shawn Shan, Jenna Cryan (graduated) and Emily Wenger (graduated). Key inspiration was provided by Professor Rana Hanocka.

Ongoing Glaze projects involve different student researchers. Webglaze includes key contributions by Stanley Wu (incoming PhD student) and Ronik Bhaskar (4th year UChicago undergraduate researcher). Other Glaze projects involve Josephine Passananti and Anna Ha (both incoming PhD students).

The UChicago team worked with amazingly skilled artists around the globe, including Karla Ortiz, Lynds Gallant, and Nathan Fowkes. Numerous other artists contributed and continue to advocate for Glaze in the artist community, including Jon Lam, Eveline Fro╠łhlich, Edit Ballai, Kat Loveland, Autumn Beverly, Eva Toorenent, Jingna Zhang, Kelly McKernan, Sarah Andersen, Kim Van Deun, Katharina Jahn, and many others.

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