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Glaze app development team
Shawn Shan, Stanley Wu, Josephine Passananti, Ronik Bhaskar, Lynds Gallant

Glaze 2.1 (June 19)
Key features in update:

  1. Improve robustness to newest attacks, including noisy upscaler
  2. Stores/remembers last used source image folder
  3. Add backup download server in case primary server is inaccessible due to network/ISP issues
  4. Fix a few small cosmetic bugs

Glaze 2.0 (Apr 14)
We are excited to announce the release of version 2.0 of Glaze. This new version significantly improved Glaze robustness against the newest AI models, and requires less time to glaze images. Most notably:

  • Significantly improved robustness against Stable Diffusion 1, 2, SDXL, especially for smooth surface art (e.g. anime, cartoon).
  • Less noticeable modification to images, addressed non-convergent patch artifacts
  • Improved computational efficiency on most platforms (~ 50% speed up)
  • Built in Mac GPU support -- Over 5X speed up on Mac M-CPUs.

Preamble: Thank you for your patience. We've been busy working on packaging Glaze into the most intuitive and usable app for artists. Please note that by downloading Glaze, you are acknowledging and agreeing with our software license. In addition, here are the non-commercial licenses for packages we used in Glaze. Finally, we used a commercial license for PyQt.

After the initial download, the app will download additional ML libraries and resources that will require stable Internet access and approx. 4GB of storage. Before using Glaze, be sure to read the User's guide and FAQ, which includes step by step instructions on glazing your art and answers to common questions you might have.

Glaze 1.1.1 (Nov 19)
We found a bug that cause Glaze 1.1 to have significantly more artifacts on the images. We have patched the bug in the 1.1.1 versions below.

Glaze 1.1 (Nov 16)
We updated the desktop version of Glaze to the save version as Webglaze v1.11 update. Detail changes are listed here.

Glaze 1.0.1 Maintenance update! (July 7)
Hi all. Just a quick update to tweak some features in the Glaze user interface. The core is same as Glaze 1.0, but intensity knobs have been tuned and user settings are now saved across sessions, and some other small UI bugs fixed. Should be easy to download and drop in install.

Glaze 1.0 (June 27)
We are excited to announce the release of version 1.0 of Glaze. Since its beta release in March, we have worked on several issues artists. Notably, we improved Glaze to work better on styles of art with flat-colors or gradients (e.g. anime or comic art). Overall, Glaze effects should much significantly less visible than prior versions.

OS-specific notes. For Windows users, we are in the process of "registering" the Glaze app with Windows. Getting these signature keys is taking longer than we expected, so Glaze.exe is currently signed with a non-EV key. And you will likely get a warning when you install Glaze for the first time. This should go away as more users download Glaze and the our developer key gets a higher reputation as a result with Microsoft. For Mac Intel users, the app is currently limited to machines running MacOS 13 and higher. We will look into supporting older MacOS versions, but did not want it to delay the Glaze release.

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