Download Glaze (Beta)

  • Glaze beta GPU Update for Windows (April 13). Updated with pytorch GPU libraries. Unpack the zip and Glaze exe is inside. You will still need to download NVidia CUDA toolkit (see User Guide).
  • Glaze beta 3 (March 31) Update includes improvements on metadata maintenance after Glazing, and an update to work with Windows GPUs (from NVidia with >3.6G of GPU memory).
    To remove/uninstall Glaze, simply remove the exe file, then remove the resource files by deleting the hidden directory " .glaze " in your home directory.
  • Glaze beta 2 (March 18) Update includes a complete rewrite from scratch of Glaze frontend and updates to the backend. The updated version has no reliance on GPL code, and includes multiple bug fixes, most notably runtime crashes on International versions of Windows.
  • Thank you for your patience. We've been busy working on packaging Glaze into the most intuitive and usable app for artists. Please note that by downloading Glaze, you are acknowledging and agreeing with our software license. Here are non-commercial licenses for packages we used in Glaze. Finally, we used a commercial license for PyQt.
  • After the initial download, the app will download additional ML libraries and resources that will require stable Internet access and approx. 4GB of storage.
  • Before using Glaze, be sure to read the User's guide and FAQ, which includes step by step instructions on glazing your art and answers to common questions you might have.
  • Please note that this is clearly an early release. Please be patient if you run into issues. While we are not software engineers, we will do our best to improve Glaze with your feedback. You can submit both comments and suggestions as well as bug reports.
  • OS-specific notes.
    For Windows users, we are in the process of "registering" the Glaze app with Windows. Getting these signature keys is taking longer than we expected, so Glaze.exe is currently signed with a non-EV key. And you will likely get a warning when you install Glaze for the first time. This should go away as more users download Glaze and the our developer key gets a higher reputation as a result with Microsoft.
    For Mac Intel users, the app is currently limited to machines running MacOS 13 and higher. We will look into supporting older MacOS versions, but did not want it to delay the Glaze release.

Download Links:

For Windows 10 and 11.

For Windows 10 and 11.
(2.7GB w/ Pytorch GPU libraries included).

For Macbook with M1 / M2 processors.

For Macbook with Intel processors.
(Must be running MacOS 13.0 or higher)

Software dev team:

  • Shawn Shan
  • Ronik Bhaskar
  • Lyndsey Gallant (UI design)
You can reach the Glaze team at UChicago SAND Lab by email: here