Getting Invites to WebGlaze.

Hi. Requests for WebGlaze accounts have been steadily increasing to the point where we can no longer handle them one by one as we used to. This webpage is trying to make clear the process for requesting webglaze accounts, so that we can save some time and minimize unnecessary back and forths that delay the process for everyone. I apologize if these requirements seem harsh or cumbersome. But it's the only we can give out accounts and not spend hours and still have month-long backlogs.

Along these lines, please note that webglaze invites have a ticking timer the minute they are created and expire in less than 2 weeks. If you do not use it in 2 weeks, the link is invalidated and becomes useless. Given the backlog of requests, we will not send repeat invites until all waiting artists have first been answered.

First, WebGlaze is designed for human artists who do not use generative AI tools. So if you use Stable Diffusion, MidJourney, Dalle, Imagen, or similar tools, please do not send a webglaze request. It is not meant for you. With that in mind, we need to see samples of your art. Time lapse videos would be ideal, but just regular samples are generally enough. Second, there should be some way of showing that the art samples are done by you. Ideally, your samples are in the same account that you're messaging from (twitter, instagram), or on a webpage that matches your account login.

With all that said, please read the following recommendations. Starting on December 1, 2023, we will expect folks to try to follow these notes below.

  • If you have a profile (and you have a portfolio with art there), you should just use CaraGlaze from inside Cara. CaraGlaze is currently undergoing some changes. Please be patient.
  • Otherwise, please use Instagram or twitter to send a DM to request webglaze account (@TheGlazeProject on both). Ideally, use whichever has more of your art already posted in the feed.
  • Please do not use comments on social media to ask for invites. I'm sorry but there are just too many of them and most of the time we do not see them and those get ignored.
  • It's difficult to ask for invites on Threads or BlueSky since they do not yet support DMs.
  • As a last resort, or if it's an unusual request (e.g. you're faculty at an art college), you can send requests to the glaze team via the Email link under the Feedback menu above. Please note webglaze requests via email will probably be responded to last. Please include links to samples of your art.
  • If the account you're sending the request from has nothing linking it to your art online, it would be helpful if you post something visible on the art account that points to your request (or the account you're sending it from).
That's it. Sorry for all the hassle. Please email if these things don't work for you, it will just take longer for us to reply.

For more detailed information on how Glaze works, we point you to other pages on this site, including

  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), on everything from potential countermeasures to future plans for updates
  • Release notes, notes on changes through different versions of Glaze
  • User guide on installing, running/configuring, and uninstalling Glaze
  • Publications and Media Coverage. Read our research paper for all the technical details on Glaze, as well as all the major news coverage and interviews on Glaze, including NYTimes, BBC, and major newspapers from Japan, Germany, UK, India and rest of the world.